Believe it or not, I haven’t always been a health nut as I am now.  Now, I didn’t grow up eating McDonalds every day (s/o to mom for making home cooked dinners almost every night).  But, I just didn’t care what I put in my body, and I most definitely didn’t care about getting my vitamins and minerals on the daily.

This changed during my junior year of high school.  

I remember the day very clearly- it was just your average Monday at school.  The minute I came home, I knew something was wrong.  This was the day I found out that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Little did I know that this dreaded disease would rock my family to the core.  The simple fact is, while I could write ten pages about what my mother endured, nobody truly understands the effects of a diagnosis like this on one’s family until they go through it themselves.  

During my mom’s chemotherapy treatment, my family was notified about a local non-profit called The Village Project, located in Bay Village, Ohio.  Basically, this organization cooks healthy, delicious meals for cancer patients and their families and delivers them each week.  From our very first delivery of turkey burgers and flourless chocolate cake, I was hooked.  I thought it was so amazing that healthy food could really taste that good.  Not to mention, I loved the way it made me feel, too!  I had so much more energy and my long-time stomach and bloating problems disappeared almost completely.  

I became fascinated with food and its effects on the body.  I learned how food can impact overall health and well-being and can even be used to treat various diseases.  

Lifestyle choices, being nutrition and fitness, are some of the only factors that we have control over in determining our health.  While I can’t control the genetics side of things,  I like the fact that I can be in control of how I feel and how my body functions.

My mom kicked cancer in the ass, and is happy and healthy today.  The truth is, not everything returns to “normal” after the disease is gone.  My mom, as well as my family, have adapted to a “new” normal. Her battle inspires me every day to help others prevent a diagnosis, rather than treat it.  Food truly is medicine.  

I’ve always been a science and math nerd.  I’ve always been food-obsessed.  I thrive on caring for others and being around people.  Why not combine my passions into a career that I can help and inspire others to realize their potential when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle?

I applied to the Medical Dietetics program at The Ohio State University my freshman year of college, and was accepted soon after.  I’m so excited to start my junior year and really dig into the material that I am so interested in (bye, organic chemistry!). 

Anyways, there’s my long and drawn-out story on why I chose dietetics as a profession.  Thanks for reading 🙂




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