Serves: 1

Prep time: 15 minutes


2/3 cup riced cauliflower (I like Trader Joe’s)

1 chicken sausage link (Bilinski’s is my favorite)

1 cup veggies of choice (I used zucchini, mushroom, chopped peppers, and spinach)

1 egg

1 tsp coconut oil

Black pepper, pink salt, garlic powder, Mrs. Dash


  1. Heat 1 tsp coconut oil in skillet. Add riced cauliflower, chicken sausage, and veggies. Cook until veggies are done and transfer to plate.
  2. Add egg to sprayed skillet and cook, over easy (or poach).
  3. Serve egg over scramble and season with pepper, salt, garlic powder, and Mrs. Dash.

Gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein