I made this on Sunday to have lunches for 3 days! Very easy to prepare and take on the go – can be eaten warm or cold. Enjoy!

Serves: 3

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 40 min


1 package firm tofu

1 T toasted sesame oil

1 T Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

3 T lime juice

3 T honey mustard

3 T low sugar BBQ sauce (check out Annie’s Organic BBQ)

Black pepper, chili powder

1 1/2 cups broccoli

1 red bell pepper

2/3 cup pineapple

1 cup shredded cabbage/carrot mix

Green onion

1 cup cooked brown rice (frozen organic brown rice from Trader Joe’s is my favorite-so easy and yummy)


  1. Slice tofu into bite sized pieces.  Marinate in sesame oil, liquid aminos, lime juice, honey mustard, BBQ sauce, black pepper, and chili powder.
  2. Bake in oven at 400 for 15 minutes, flip, and bake for another 15 minutes.
  3. Remove tofu from oven and pan-sear in skillet until crispy.
  4. Stir fry broccoli, red pepper, and pineapple in skillet.
  5. Assemble bowl with cooked brown rice, tofu, stir fry veggies, and top with shredded cabbage and green onion.  Drizzle on more BBQ sauce if desired.

Vegan, dairy-free